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Electives Curriculum

Below you will find a wide variety of free homeschool electives. If you’re looking for other subjects, click here.

C = Christian based curriculum


Art for Kids Hub  (K to 8th)  Art tutorials

Art Projects for Kids  (K to 8th)

Artists and Their Art  (1st to 8th)

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool  (1st to 8th)  Notebooking pages for Artists and Their Art

Georgia Virtual Learning  (7th to 12th)  Art History and Visual Arts

Khan Academy  (7th to 12th)  Art History

Kinder Art  (K to 12th)  Art lessons

Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Allison  (9th to 12th)  Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, and Masonry

Architecture Courses  (9th to 12th)

Khan Academy  (7th to 12th)  Electrical Engineering

MIT Open Courseware  (9th to 12th)  Architecture: Building in Landscapes

Teach Engineering  (K to 12th)

Business, Economics, and Finance

Allison  (9th to 12th)  Numerous businesses, accounting, and marketing courses

Core Concepts of Marketing  (9th to 12th)

Georgia Virtual Learning  (7th to 12th)  Banking, Insurance, Insurance & Investing, Business & Technology, and Marketing Principals

Khan Academy  (7th to 12th)  Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Finance & Capital Markets, and Entrepreneurship

Marginal Revolution University  (9th to 12th)  Microeconomics and Macroeconomics

Communication, Public Speaking, and Journalism

The Art of Public Speaking  (8th to 12th)

BBC Academy  (7th to 12th)  Journalism

Ck-12  (7th to 12th)  Journalism

Georgia Virtual Learning  (7th to 12th)  Speech and Journalism

Handbook of Independent Journalism  (7th to 12th)

Health, Nutrition, and Physical Education

CK-12  (8th to 12th)  Teen Health Literacy

Cosmic Kids Yoga  (K to 6th)

Fit4Schools  (K to 6th)  Health and fitness

Georgia Virtual Learning  (6th to 12th)  Food for Life; Food, Nutrition, & Wellness; Health; and Intro to Health Care Science

GoNoodle  (K to 8th)  Exercise and dance videos

Khan Academy  (8th to 12th)  Health and Medicine

Operation FitKids  (3rd to 8th)  Health and fitness

Life Skills

Fool Proof Me  (6th to 12th)  Consumer skills

Georgia Virtual Learning  (6th to 12th)  Financial literacy

Hands on Banking  (K to 12th)  Financial literacy

Khan Academy  (9th to 12th)  College Admissions, Careers, and Personal Finance

Learn How to Become  (9th to 12th)  Career planning

Plain and not so Plain  (6th to 12th)  C  Home Economics and Life Skills

YMO Homeschool  (6th to 12th)  Home Economics


8 Notes  (3rd to 12th)  Sheet music and lessons

Georgia Virtual Learning  (6th to 12th)  Music Theory

Hoffman Academy  (K to 12th)  Piano lessons

Learn to Sing  (K to 12th)

Squeaky’s Recorder Playhouse  (K to 12th)  Recorder lessons

ACT and SAT Test Prep

Khan Academy

Math Planet

McGraw-Hill Education Practice Plus

Power Score

Prep Factory