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Below you will find a wide variety of free homeschool electives. If you’re looking for other subjects, click here.

C = Christian based curriculum

 Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

Alison  (9th to 12th)

Alison offers several courses in skilled trades. The courses cover plumbing, electrical, carpentry, masonry, appliance repair, and more. While the courses are all free to take, there is also a premium subscription service available which offers additional features.

Architecture Courses  (9th to 12th)

This website offers courses covering various architecture topics; including, history, theory, design, home building, and more. The material is presented using online text.

Khan Academy  (9th to 12th)

Khan offers an Electrical Engineering course, which is taught using video lectures.

Teach Engineering  (K to 12th)

Teach Engineering is a digital library collection of engineering lesson plans and units. Most activities use everyday items you can find in your home, grocery store, or hardware store.

Business, Economics, and Finance

Alison  (9th to 12th)

Alison offers nearly 300 business courses. Topics covered are finance, leadership, management, entrepreneurship, sales, human resources, and much more. While the courses are all free to take, there is also a premium subscription service available which offers additional features.

Core Concepts of Marketing  (9th to 12th)

This downloadable textbook provides an overview of marketing concepts.

Georgia Virtual Learning  (7th to 12th)

GVL offers the following business courses: Banking, Insurance & Investing, Business & Technology, Business Communications, and Marketing Principals. Courses are taught using online text, interactive lessons, videos, assessments, and printable handouts.

Hillsdale College  (10th to 12th)  C

Economics 101: The Principals of Free Market Economics teaches the foundational principles of the free market. Each lesson includes two or three videos, plus recommended reading. The course also includes a final exam.

Khan Academy  (9th to 12th)

The following courses are available: Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Finance & Capital Markets, and Entrepreneurship. The lesson material is taught using videos.

Lessons for the Young Economist  (6th to 12th)

This downloadable textbook is an introduction to classical Austrian economics. The course has four parts: foundations, an examination of Capitalism, the theory and history of Socialism, and the realities of Interventionism.

Marginal Revolution University  (9th to 12th)

Two courses are offered: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Both present the lesson material using videos and online text. While no textbook is required, if you choose to purchase one, MRU recommends Modern Principles of Economics.

Open Stax  (10th to 12th)

OpenStax offers downloadable student textbooks, instructor guides, and other instructor resources for Introduction to Business, Business Ethics, Principles of Accounting: Financial Accounting, Principles of Accounting: Managerial Accounting, Introductory Business Statistics, Principals of Management, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior, Principles of Economics, Principles of Macroeconomics, and Principles of Microeconomics. While these courses are intended for college students, motivated high school student may be able to complete many of them.

Communication, Public Speaking, and Journalism

The Art of Public Speaking  (8th to 12th)

Project Gutenberg has made this free textbook, published in 1915, available for free download.

Ck-12  (7th to 12th)

Journalism is taught using an online textbook.

Georgia Virtual Learning  (7th to 12th)

GVL offers courses in Speech and Journalism. The course material is presented using online text, interactive features, videos, assessments, and printable handouts.

Handbook of Independent Journalism  (7th to 12th)

This downloadable handbook provides an introduction to the fundamentals of Journalism.

Logic and Critical Thinking

Critical Reasoning for Beginners  (9th to 12th)

This course, from the University of Oxford, consists of six video lectures. The student will learn all about arguments, how to identify them, how to evaluate them, and how not to mistake bad arguments for good.

Critical Thinking  (10th to 12th)

This 24-lecture video course, presented at Fayetteville State University, covers topics like deductive and inductive arguments, fallacies, rhetorical devices, appeals to authority, and much more.

Logic Self-Taught: A Workbook  (9th to 12th)

This workbook teaches logic in 20 downloadable units. An answer key is also provided. 

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice  (9th to 12th)

This downloadable textbook, created by the Utah State Board of Education and the Unified Police of Greater Salt Lake, covers the fundamentals of law enforcement and criminal justice. Most of the information in this book should also apply to other areas of the United States.

Field Trips

Virtual Field Trips  (Pre-K to 12th)

These virtual field trips allow your children to visit locations all over the world without leaving home.

More Electives

Additional free homeschool electives can be accessed from the menu on the main page of or by clicking the links below.


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Health and P.E.


Life Skills


Technology and Computer Skills

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