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Technology Curriculum

Below you will find free technology curriculum. Computer science, basic computer skills, coding, typing,

and more are included in this list. If you’re looking for other subjects, click here.

C = Christian based curriculum

App Inventor  (5th to 12th)
Android app building

Allison  (8th to 12th)
Software Tools, Hardware, Data Science, IT Management, Core IT Skills, Game development, and many more

Burning Cargo  (1st to 12th)
Typing  (K to 12th)
Computer coding

Computer Science Unplugged  (K to 8th)

Dance Mat Typing  (K to 4th)

GCF  (4th to 12th)
Basic Computer Skills, Internet, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Microsoft Office, and more

Green Tree Press  (7th to 12th)
Python and Java

Intel Education: The Journey Inside  (3rd to 12th)
Introduction to Computers

Georgia Virtual Learning  (6th to 12th)
Computer Science, Audio & Video Tech, Digital Technology, Programming, Robotics & Automated Systems, Web Design, and more.

Khan Academy  (K to 12th)
Computer Science, Computer Programing, Computer Animation, Hour of Code, and Electrical Engineering

Microsoft Virtual Academy  (6th to 12th)
Windows, Cloud Development, Game Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and more

Nitro Type  (1st to 12th)

Scratch  (K to 12th)
Computer programing  (1st to 12th)