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Technology Curriculum

Below you will find free homeschool technology curriculum. Computer science, basic computer skills,

coding, typing, and more are included in this list. If you’re looking for other subjects, click here.

C = Christian based curriculum  (5th to 12th)

This website teaches how to program android mobile apps with MIT’s App Inventor, which uses visual block-based programming. The learning modules are made up of text, video tutorials, quizzes, review, and hands-on learning.

Alison  (8th to 12th)

Alison offers over 150 computer related courses. There are courses covering web design, programming languages, app development, software, hardware, IT management, data science, and much more. While the courses are all free to take, there is also a premium subscription service available which offers additional features.

Burning Cargo  (2nd to 12th)

This is a complete typing course taught through the use of a game.  (K to 12th) teaches visual block-based programming. The free teacher’s account tracks progress and includes lesson plans and assignment solutions. The high school Computer Science class may be taught as either a regular or AP course.

Computer Science Unplugged  (K to 8th)

These lessons teach concepts related to computer science, such as binary numbers and algorithms, without the use of computers. The material is presented with games, puzzles, and other activities using everyday items like crayons and string.

Dance Mat Typing  (1st to 4th)

Interactive lessons teach touch typing skill. There are four levels, each divided into three stages.  Each stage builds on previous lessons, introducing new letters as the child progress.

GCF  (4th to 12th)

This website offers various computer related courses including Computer Skills, Internet, Linux, MacOS, Windows, Microsoft Office, and many more. The courses are taught through the use of online text, video tutorials, and hands-on activities.

Green Tree Press  (8th to 12th)

Several books covering computer programing and other computer science topics are available for free download. 

Intel Education: The Journey Inside  (3rd to 12th)

This course teaches students about computers and technology using video demonstrations, interactive lessons, and virtual field trips. The teacher’s resources include background information, lesson plans, and student handouts for each lesson.

Georgia Virtual Learning  (6th to 12th)

Courses offered include Computer Science, Audio & Video Tech, Digital Technology, Programming, Robotics & Automated Systems, Web Design, and more. The modules are made up of online text, videos, and interactive activities.  Links to additional related resources are provided with each module.

Khan Academy  (7th to 12th)

The following courses are available: Computer Science, Computer Programing, Computer Animation, Hour of Code, and Electrical Engineering. The lesson material is taught using videos, text, and hands-on activities.

Microsoft Virtual Academy  (6th to 12th)

Numerous courses are offered, including Windows, Cloud Development, Game Development, Web Development, Mobile App Development, and more. The material is taught using video tutorials, slide shows, and other methods, depending on the course. Progression is tracked and some courses include assessments.

Nitro Type  (3rd to 12th)

Nitro Type is a typing game where students race against others in real-time in order to improve touch-typing speed.

Ruby – Programming Basics for Kids  (6th to 12th)

This guide to programming with Ruby may be viewed online or downloaded. Its goal is to make programming basics simple and fun using lots of examples, stories, and cartoon images.

Scratch  (2nd to 12th)

This website allows children to program their own interactive stories, games, and animations using a visual block-based language. They can then share their creations with others in the online community.  (2nd to 12th)

Touch typing is taught through a series of interactive lessons. Students may begin instruction at the beginner, intermediate or advanced level. Progress is tracked and additional lessons for frequently missed keys are made available.