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Free 3rd Grade Christian Homeschool Curriculum

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At, we list several free all-in-one-curriculum programs. These programs include every subject your 3rd grader will need. Homeschoolers often choose all-in-one programs because of the simplicity they provide. They take care of the planning and curriculum selection for you.

However, many homeschoolers, myself included, prefer to choose a separate curriculum for each subject. This allows us to customize our children’s education, choosing materials that fit their learning styles and individual needs in each subject area. Also, I’ve always enjoyed the variety that a more eclectic approach provides. Using the same approach and materials for every subject can become monotonous for some students.

If you’d like to piece together your own customized 3rd grade curriculum, visit’s main page, and choose a subject area to explore from the menu. On that subject’s page, you will find a list of links to free curriculum resources.

Below, I’ve provided a sample 3rd grade Christian curriculum. This sample curriculum is intended to give you an idea of what a 3rd grade curriculum could look like. Feel free to make substitutions as needed. If you have other children, you may prefer to study some subjects, like Bible, history, and science, together as a family.

Language Arts, Geography, and Art

The Good & the Beautiful (TGTB) Language Arts Level 3 covers phonics, reading, writing, spelling, literature, grammar, punctuation, art, and geography in one downloadable course. The course download includes the course book, poetry book, and reader. TGTB recommends that you use their free assessment to determine if Level 3 is the correct placement for your child.

TGTB doesn’t include handwriting instruction. You can print beginning cursive handwriting worksheets at K5 Learning, K12 Reader, and TSL Books.

For additional reading practice, either borrow books from your local library, download some of these vintage readers, or use other free Ebooks. If you would like your child to work on reading comprehension, try Read Theory. This reading practice website starts children out with a placement test. Then, the child is given passages to read at their level. Based on how they answer the questions about the passage, their level will move slightly up or down. The site also keeps track of progress.



FreeMath uses online activities and printable worksheets. The lessons will need to be taught by the parent. You’ll notice that only 27 weeks of materials are included, rather than 36 weeks, which is a typical school year. This is because the curriculum skips the review often included in other math courses. If your child needs more review, consider printing worksheets at K5 Learning or Dad’s Worksheets. For even more options for math practice, see this post. If your child does not require review, just progress to 4th grade math when your child completes 3rd grade math.

To teach math facts, you can either use flashcards or have your child practice online at XtraMath. XtraMath’s facts fluency program helps children master addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts. XtraMath tracks progress and generates reports for the parent/teacher. After the child has mastered an operation, they are awarded a printable certificate.



U.B. David & I’ll B. Jonathan Inc. offers the following Bible lessons appropriate for 3rd grade children: Know Your Bible Level 3 (24 lessons), Explorers Series 1 & 2  (24 lessons), and The Boy from Brooklyn (5 lessons). If your child completes two lessons per week, they’ll finish all three courses in about 27 weeks. Each lesson includes a story, memory verse, and a quiz. If you register for a free account, your child can earn points towards free certificates as they complete their lessons.

You may also want to add Know the Truth: 60 Questions and Answers on Christian Beliefs. This downloadable Catechism is based on the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message. While this book was written for Baptist families, most of the questions will be relevant to other Protestant denominations.

This video from Simply Charlotte Mason describes an easy to use system for memorizing scripture using index cards to organize Bible verses. You may want to consider using this system with your entire family together, not just your 3rd grader. You can choose verses from the U.B. David & I’ll B. Jonathan lessons or use the system to memorize catechism questions.


U Read Thru History is a Charlotte Mason inspired, literature-based approach to learning history. Each year your child will spend one semester learning World History and one semester learning American History. Year 3 covers Westward Expansion and Dark & Middle Ages. Each weekly lesson includes discussion questions and activities. If you are unable to find the books recommended in your local library, you may substitute any book that covers the same topic. If you choose to buy some of the books, save money by purchasing used books. For more information on how these history courses are set up, be sure to read the teacher’s guide.



DIY Homeschooler provides lesson plans to accompany Our Wonderful World by Emery Lewis Howe. This classic nature study book is now in the public domain and available for free download. The book has 32 chapters, and it’s suggested that you cover one each week. The lesson plans for each chapter provide numerous actives, additional reading, and links to investigate the topic further. Some lessons include a video. Every lesson includes scripture related to the topic that’s being studied. Additionally, each lesson links to the corresponding section in The Handbook of Nature Study by Anna Botsford Comstock. This book is also available for free download and will give you valuable information about the week’s topic. It will also give tips on where to find the animal or plant your child is learning about and how to observe it.

If you would like your child to learn more about birds as part of their nature study this year, this post lists several resources you can use. It includes a printable bird watching journal kids can use to keep a record of the birds they’ve spotted and record what they learn.


Life Skills

Kids Sewing Projects offers sewing lessons for beginning through advanced sewing. The website’s lessons feature detailed tutorials with pictures of the steps. Some of the lessons also include videos. If your child has never sewn before, they probably need to start at Pre-Beginner Level  1. Progress through the levels at your child’s pace.

Ready…Set…Prepare! is a downloadable activity book that teaches children about disaster preparedness.  The book covers preparing for a disaster, fire safety, floods, tornados, hurricanes, earthquakes, and more.  The book is only about 30 pages, so it won’t take long to complete. If your child is interested in learning more, you may like to borrow books from the library on some of the topics covered.

Computer Skills’s Course D teaches visual block-based programming. Your child will develop their understanding of algorithms, nested loops, while loops, conditionals, and events. They will also learn about digital citizenship.

Dance Mat Typing is a gentle beginning typing program. It only has 12 lessons, so it’s not a complete typing course. It is an excellent first introduction to typing for younger students, though. The lessons include animated animal characters and provide clear instructions. The lessons are not timed, as they usually are in other typing programs, but this takes the pressure off for first-time learners.


Physical Education and Recess

Rather than following a set curriculum, simply allow your child plenty of free time for active play. If you would like some ideas, Chapter 3 (page 46) of Physical Activity for Everyone from the Center for Disease Control provides information about how much exercise children need, as well as, numerous suggested activities. Your child may also enjoy these dance and exercise videos, especially when the weather isn’t good for outdoor play.


Other Grades

I hope this sample curriculum has been helpful. If you’re looking for guides for other grades, you can find them here.


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free 3rd grade christian homeschool curriculum


Note: This post was originally published on November 25, 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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