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Where to Buy Used Curriculum

by | Jun 6, 2020 | curriculum, frugal living, general homeschooling | 2 comments

Homeschool curriculum can be expensive, but your family can save a lot of money by purchasing used curriculum. And, fortunately, there’s an abundance of places where you can find used curriculum and books at very reasonable prices. 

Here are some of the places I’ve found affordable used homeschool curriculum:

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Facebook Groups

Facebook resale groups are usually the first place I look for used curriculum. There are many groups for buying and selling used curriculum, such as:

Homeschool Curriculum Sell/Exchange

Homeschooler Market- Buy, Sell & Trade

Homeschool Curriculum Market Place

Homeschool Buy Sell Trade

These are only a few of the more popular curriculum resale groups. If you do a quick search on Facebook, you will find many more. Just be aware, you’ll have better luck finding what you are looking for in one of the larger groups. Before buying or selling in a group, always read the group’s rules. They can usually be found either in a pinned post or in the group’s description. Also, for your protection, conduct all transactions through PayPal. Never send money to someone you don’t know using PayPal’s “friends and family” option. Doing this allows the seller to avoid fees, but the buyer loses all protection. So, if the item never arrives or isn’t as described, you’ll lose your money. Instead, ask the seller to invoice you and send the funds as a payment for “goods or services.”


Ebay is another excellent place to look for used curriculum and books. Some items require bidding and the highest bidder wins the item. Others can be purchased immediately with the “Buy It Now” option. To increase your chances of winning an auction, don’t bid immediately. That will only drive the price up. Instead, watch the item and place your bid near the end of the auction. Be careful not to get caught up in the bidding competition and pay more than the item is worth. Also, be sure to check the sellers’ feedback score before purchasing or bidding on an item.



At Amazon, you’ll find almost every used book you can think of as well as a large variety of homeschool curriculum. When purchasing items on Amazon from a third party seller, always check the seller’s feedback score. Look for sellers with a score in the high 90’s. These are the most reliable sellers. Also, carefully read the item’s description and check its condition.


Thrift Books

Thrift Books offers a large selection of affordable used books. Thrift Books offers free shipping on all orders over $10 and frequently has special sales. Thrift Books also has a loyalty program called Reading Rewards. Every purchase earns points towards free books. (Promotions are subject to change.)


Second Harvest

Second Harvest is a small, family-owned curriculum resale business. Their well-organized online store is a good place to look for traditional textbook curriculum. Their prices are typically 25 to 75% less than new books.


Half Price Books

Half Price Books sells both used and new books and textbooks. You can shop for books on their website or in one of their 120 retail locations. In their stores, they also buy used books. If you live near one of their locations, this can be a great way to clear some space on your shelves as well as make a little money towards next year’s curriculum and books.

Good and Acceptable

Good and Acceptable is an online marketplace for buying and selling homeschool curriculum. When you make a purchase on the website, you’ll pay the seller through PayPal. Each seller sets their own shipping rates. Unlike sites like eBay, Good and Acceptable does not charge sellers a commission. This helps keep the prices affordable.



AbeBooks offers used and new books and textbooks, as well as art, collectibles, and other items. Their online marketplace includes items listed by sellers located in more than 50 different countries. They also offer a book buyback program.


Exodus Books

Exodus Books offers a large selection of used and new homeschool curriculum. They also sell fiction and nonfiction literature.


PaperBack Swap

PaperBack Swap is a large online community for swapping free used books. The only thing you have to pay for is the cost of postage when you send a book. Once the receiving member marks that they have received your book, your account is credited. Then you use your credits to request books from other members.


Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping

Homeschool Curriculum Free for Shipping is a non-profit organization. This pay-it-forward homeschool community exists as a means of providing new and used curriculum for only the cost of shipping or even completely free to homeschool families in need. On their Facebook page, members list curriculum they’d like to give away. If another member wants the curriculum, they only pay for the cost of shipping. This organization also sometimes receives donations of new curriculum from businesses and other organizations. Anytime these donated materials are available, it will be announced in their blog. Anyone who receives curriculum from the organization or another member of the Facebook group should pay-it-forward by giving the items to another family when they are finished with them.

Where to buy used homeschool books and curriculum

Homeschool Events and Curriculum Sales

Many homeschool organizations host annual curriculum sales. Sometimes these sales will be part of a homeschool convention or other event. While you’ll have to do some searching to find what you’re looking for, the prices at these sales are often lower than buying used curriculum online.


Local Used Book Stores

Some local used bookstores may carry homeschool curriculum. Even if they don’t have traditional textbook curriculum, they are still a good place to find living books, literature, and reference books. You’ll have better luck at used bookstores in larger cities or areas with a large number of homeschoolers.

Thrift Stores, Yard Sales, and Consignment Sales

Sometimes you may come across used homeschool curriculum for sale at thrift stores, yard sales, or consignment sales. You may not be able to find curriculum at one of these sales or stores very often, so it’s probably not worth making a special trip to look for curriculum. But, if you’re already there, take a stroll by the book table or aisle, and you might be pleasantly surprised. When thrift stores do have homeschool curriculum, it’s usually priced the same as their other books. One thrift store in my town recently had A Beka and Saxon textbooks priced at only ten cents each! While you may not find curriculum often at these types of sales, they are a great place to find inexpensive novels and storybooks.


Free Online Curriculum

While you can save a lot of money purchasing used curriculum, using free online curriculum will save your family even more! There are many sources of free curriculum online. At you’ll find the best selection of free homeschool curriculum available online, in one convenient location. To use the website, simply choose a subject from the main page menu. Then, on that subject’s page, you will find a list of links to free curriculum resources. If you’re unsure about using free curriculum, this post clears up some of the most common concerns parents have.