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YouTube Channels That Get Kids Moving

by | Jul 9, 2020 | general homeschooling, Health and P.E.

Kids have lots of energy to burn, but unfortunately, sometimes it’s just too hot, cold, or wet to get outside and play. When this happens, YouTube dance and exercise videos can be a fun addition to your homeschool day. These videos can also be used for short brain breaks throughout the day or as part of a more formal fitness or physical education program.

Here are some of our favorite YouTube channels that get kids moving:

Koo Koo Kanga Roo

This channel has lots of fun music videos for kids to dance along with.


20 Online

These 20-minute workout videos are challenging, without being too difficult for beginners.


Cosmic Kids Yoga

In these videos, the instructor tells a story that she acts out in yoga poses. These stories are usually about 10 to 20 minutes long.


Debbie Doo

Move, learn, dance, and sing with Debbie Doo. These fun songs are perfect for younger kids.


Go Noodle

Go Noodles’ short and silly videos with catchy music make dance and exercise fun.


Kidz Bop

You may already be familiar with Kidz Bop music. Kids perform popular songs that have been edited to remove inappropriate content. The dance videos on their channel are an excellent way to get your kids moving.


Move to Learn

These short workout videos get kids moving while learning. While some videos, like the example below, are aimed at younger children, others appeal to all ages.


Refit Revolution

These exercise videos aren’t designed specifically for kids, but they are kid-friendly. The music includes clean pop songs and songs by Christian artists, including TobyMac.


The Body Coach TV

This channel has workout videos for all ages and fitness levels. Check out the “PE with Joe” and “Kids Workouts to do at Home” playlists for videos designed for kids.


Fit And Fun With Coach Meggin

Meggin is a professional gymnastic coach who offers tutorials, flexibility videos, and workouts.

Les Mills Born to Move

The music and movement in these short videos feed kids’ natural appetite for action and play.


I hope your family enjoys these videos as much as we have!

If you’re looking for free health and physical education curriculum, you’ll find several options here.


YouTube Channels that Get Kids Moving


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