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Homeschooling With Movies, TV, and Videos

by | Mar 2, 2023 | curriculum, general homeschooling

Books and curriculum are great, but they don’t have to be the only way your child learns. One of the benefits of homeschooling is the flexibility it allows in terms of teaching methods and resources. Using movies, TV shows, and videos can be a fun and effective way to supplement your child’s education. Here are some free and affordable resources to help your family homeschool with movies, TV, and videos.

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Teach With Movies

Teach With Movies provides an extensive collection of free learning guides for movies. These learning guides include discussion questions, assignments, vocabulary words, and more. The learning guides for many movies also have additional lesson plans that cover the science, history, or other subject related content brought up in the film in more depth. Parents and teachers can search for movies by title, subject matter, and age-appropriateness.

Young Minds Inspired

Young Minds Inspired offers free teaching kits for many movies and television shows. These downloadable teaching kits include instructions, discussion questions, activities, worksheets, and more. To find a teaching kit for a movie or TV show, choose a subject (STEM, social studies, language arts, etc.) from the tabs at the top of the lesson plans page. Then, scroll through the materials to find lessons for movies and TV shows. They will be mixed in with lessons that use other mediums.

7Sisters Cinema Studies

7Sisters Cinema Studies for Literature Learning are low-cost study guides that use movies to cover literature. The study guides include vocabulary words, discussion questions, themes of literature, literary techniques, essay writing, and more. You can read more about my family’s experience with a 7Sisters Cinema Study here.

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Homeschooling With Videos

YouTube videos and other short videos are another way to add engaging content to topics your children are studying. The following resources provide curated lists of educational videos and YouTube channels.

  • The Kid Should See This– This website provides a collection of YouTube videos sorted by subject.
  • NeoK12– This website is a directory of videos sorted by topic. The videos are free to watch, but other features, like quizzes, require a paid membership.
  • Homeschool Science With YouTube– This page lists science YouTube channels for all ages.
  • Homeschool History With YouTube– Here, you’ll find a list of YouTube channels that cover history topics for every grade.

Homeschooling With Movies, TV, and Videos

I hope these resources make it easier to homeschool with movies, TV, and videos in a way that is both entertaining and educational.