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Homeschool Science with YouTube

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YouTube videos are an excellent way to explore science further or spark your child’s interest in science. There are YouTube videos on nearly every topic imaginable. Through YouTube, your children can do everything from observing wildlife to watching exciting science experiments, often without even realizing it’s educational. Video explanations and demonstrations can also help children understand difficult concepts.

Below are some YouTube science channels that are favorites among homeschoolers. Many of the channels have a wide variety of content, so the suggested age ranges are very approximate. I strongly recommend that you preview the videos before allowing your children to watch them as standards vary by family.

YouTube Science Channels

The Action Lab – Science experiments and answers to science questions. (all ages)

Amoeba Sisters – Shorts videos that use humor, cartoons, and comics to teach Biology. (middle and high school)

Applied Science – Science demonstrations teach about electromechanical systems, chemistry, electronics, and more. (middle school to adult)

Backyard Scientist – Science experiments and demonstrations. (all ages)

The Bad Astronomer – Videos about astronomy, space, and science. (middle school to adult)

BBC Earth – Wildlife and nature all over the world. (all ages)

Bozeman Science – Mr. Andersen teaches various high school science courses, including AP courses. (high school & adult)

The Brain Scoop – The Chief Curiosity Correspondent for the Field Museum in Chicago shares the work and research of natural history museums. (middle school to adult)

BrainStuff – How Stuff Works – Short explanations of everyday science. (upper elementary to high school)

Brave Wilderness – Up-close animal encounters. (all ages)

Chloe & the Nurb – Animated videos about how the body works. (elementary)

Crash Course – These videos teach many areas of science, as well as other subjects. (middle & high school)

Crash Course Kids – These videos teach lots of science topics. (elementary & middle school)

Deep Look – Science and nature videos that zoom in to explore science up-close. (all ages)

Deep Sky Videos – Informative videos about astronomy. (middle school to adult)

Doodle Science – Explains physics through doodles. (high school & adult)

Finding Stuff Out – Answers science questions from kids. (elementary to middle school)

Free Documentary – Nature – Learn about animals around the world. (varies)

Free School –  Various science topics, as well as other subjects. (elementary & middle school)

Homeschool Pop – Various science topics, as well as other subjects. (elementary)

It’s Okay to be Smart – Explores many science topics. (all ages)

Jam Campus – Educational songs that teach science and other subjects. (all ages)

Ken Hub – All about human anatomy. (high school to adult)

Kids Learning Tube – These videos teach science and many other topics through music and animation. (all ages)

King of Random – Explores life through all kinds of life hacks, experiments, and random weekend projects. (upper elementary to adult)

LAB 360 – Science experiments for kids. (all ages)

Make Me Genius – Animated videos teach a variety of science topics. (elementary)

Mark Rober – Former NASA engineer does big science experiments. (upper elementary to high school)

MEL Science – Lots of science experiments and demonstrations. (upper elementary to high school)

Michelle Gay Science Teacher – Hands-on science experiments on various topics. (elementary)

Mike Likes Science – Science inspired music videos. (all ages)

Minute Earth – Science and stories about our planet. (middle & high school)

Minute Physics – Learn physics and other science. (middle & high school)

Mystery Doug – Weekly videos that answer science questions submitted by kids. (elementary)

National Geographic – Videos cover science, nature, the environment, exploration, and more. (varies)

National Geographic Kids – Explore the world, learn about animals, and more. (elementary)

NPR’s Skunk Bear – Videos that answer viewers’ science questions and explore the universe and nature. (middle school & high school)

Operation Ouch – Identical twin doctors experiment and explore their way through the world of medicine and biology. (elementary & middle school)

Peekaboo Kidz – Animated videos teach a wide variety of science concepts. (elementary)

Periodic Videos – Videos about the elements of the periodic table. (middle school to adult)

Science Channel – Myth Busters Jr., Outrageous Acts of Science, How It’s Made, Street Science, and more. (varies)

Science Max – The host uses large-scale experiments to demonstrate scientific principles. (elementary & middle school)

Science Mom – A mom demonstrates and explains science concepts. (elementary & middle school)

Science Sparks – Lots of fun science experiments. (elementary)

Scientific American Space Lab – Videos about space, space exploration, and our planet.  (upper elementary to adult)

SciShow – Explores a wide range of science topics. (all ages)

Seeker – Videos on space, technology, the human body, and more.  (middle school to adult)

Sick Science – Cool experiments to do at home. (all ages)

SmarterEveryDay – These videos explore the world using science. (middle school to adult)

Smart Girls – Videos on science and other topics that emphasize intelligence and imagination over “fitting in.”

Socratica Kids – Science puppet shows. (elementary)

Space Rip – Videos about our solar system and the universe. (middle school to adult)

The Spangler Effect – Science experiments and demonstrations. (middle school & high school)

Ted-Ed – These videos cover a wide variety of science topics, as well as many other subjects. (upper elementary to high school)

Veritasium – A huge variety of science videos. (upper elementary to adult)

WhizKidScience – Easy experiments for kids demonstrated by kids. (elementary & middle school)

The Kid Should See This – Website featuring curated collections of YouTube videos. (all ages)

Watch Know Learn – This website offers an extensive collection of videos, sortable by topic and grade. (all ages)

NeoK12 – NeoK12 provides a directory of YouTube science videos sorted by topic. The videos are free to watch, but other features require a paid membership. (all ages)

Additional Free Science Resources

Science and Nature Study Curriculum – Free curriculum for all grades.

Science Unit Studies, Lesson Plans, and Experiments – Create or supplement a science curriculum with these free resources.

Virtual Science Labs and Dissections – No lab equipment is needed with these free virtual science labs, dissections, and simulations.

Science Websites for Homeschoolers – Learn more about science with these informative websites.

Virtual Field Trips – Explore the world, including many science topics, through virtual field trips.

Homeschool Science With YouTube

Note: This post was originally published on August 29, 2019 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.