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Virtual Science Labs and Dissections

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We all know the value of hands-on learning, but sometimes providing science labs and dissections can be challenging, especially for homeschoolers. The equipment and supplies can be expensive or hard to find. Some parents may not feel comfortable conducting labs at home, especially the dissections. While many areas have science labs for homeschoolers, this isn’t the case everywhere. If you’re having trouble doing science labs in your homeschool, virtual labs and dissections may be a good option for your family. Virtual dissections can also be a good alternative for those who have moral concerns about dissecting animals. Here are several free resources:

Free Virtual Science Labs, Dissections, and Simulations

Bioman – Games and virtual labs for Biology

ChemCollective – Chemistry labs, simulations, and tutorials

General Chemistry – Interactive chemistry simulations

Learn Genetics – Tons of multimedia activities and science labs centered on biology, genetics, and human health

McGraw-Hill Biology Virtual Labs – Biology labs and dissections

Molecular Workbench – Hundreds of simulations explore physics, chemistry, and biology.

NMSU Virtual Labs – Eight virtual labs for biology and chemistry

Nova Labs – Virtual labs that cover a variety of topics

Online Labs – Lists places to find virtual labs for chemistry, physics, biology, anatomy, geology, and astronomy

PhET Interactive Simulations – An extensive collection of simulations for physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology

VAVS – Provides links to dissections of several different animals

Homeschool Science with YouTube – A list of channels for teaching science, including many with science experiments and some with dissections

Additional Free Science Resources

Science and Nature Study Curriculum – Free curriculum for all grades.

Science Unit Studies, Lesson Plans, and Experiments – Create or supplement a science curriculum with these free resources.

Homeschool Science with YouTube – Learn about science with these YouTube channels.

Science Websites for Homeschoolers – Learn more about science with these informative websites.

Virtual Field Trips – Explore the world, including many science topics, through virtual field trips.


free virtual science labs and dissections

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