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Virtual Science Labs and Dissections

by | Apr 3, 2023 | curriculum, general homeschooling, science

We all know the value of hands-on learning, but sometimes providing science labs and dissections can be challenging, especially for homeschoolers. The equipment and supplies can be expensive or hard to find. Some parents may not feel comfortable conducting labs at home, especially the dissections. While many areas have science labs for homeschoolers, this isn’t the case everywhere. If you’re having trouble doing science labs in your homeschool, virtual labs and dissections may be a good option for your family. Virtual dissections can also be a good alternative for those who have moral concerns about dissecting animals. Here are several free resources:

Free Virtual Science Labs, Dissections, & Simulations

American Association of Chemistry Teachers (AACT) – AACT has several interactive chemistry simulations to choose from.

BioInteractive – BioInteractive provides interactive videos, 3D models, and virtual labs for biology.

Bioman – Virtual labs, learning games, and review games help students learn about cells, ecology, genetics, physiology, and more.

ChemCollective – This website offers virtual chemistry labs, simulations, tutorials, and scenario-based activities.

cK12 Exploration Series – cK12’s simulations allow students to explore a wide range of chemistry and physics topics.

Healthline Human Body Maps – These interactives enable students to learn about and explore the human body systems and organs.

Learn Genetics – Here, you’ll find an extensive collection of interactive activities, virtual labs, and videos related to genetics, cell biology, human health, neuroscience, ecology, plants, and more.

Molecular Workbench – This organization offers hundreds of interactive simulations for exploring physics, chemistry, biology, biotechnology, and nanotechnology.

NMSU Virtual Labs – NMSU provides eight virtual labs that help students learn basic laboratory techniques and practice methods used by lab technicians and researchers in various careers.

NOVA Elements – There’s an interactive periodic table for students to explore, videos to watch, and simulations that allow students to build the molecules that make up everyday items.

NOVA Labs – These virtual labs each focus on a different area of current research and guide participants as they answer scientific questions or design solutions to current problems.

PhET Interactive Simulations – This website provides an extensive collection of interactive simulations in physics, chemistry, earth science, biology, and math.

The Science Bank – This organization provides a library of 3D models and other dissection alternatives that you can borrow at no cost. You’ll receive the item in the mail and then ship it back when you are finished using it. You’ll be responsible for the return shipping cost.

Dissection Videos & Photographs

Anatomy Corner – This website’s anatomy galleries feature photographs of several laboratory dissections.

The Biology Corner – The Biology Corner provides photographs of a sheep brain, fetal pig, frog, rat, and squid dissections.

BiologyByMe – This YouTube channel features video dissections of a squid, perch, mussel, roundworm, grasshopper, frog, and several other animals.

PBS Learning Media – PBS’s Dissection 101 series includes video dissections of an earthworm, crayfish, frog, sheep heart, and several other animals.

Inside on the Outside: Dissections – This playlist investigates the structure and anatomy of various animal organs as host guides students through hands-on dissections.

MacOrganisms2 – This YouTube channel provides video dissections of several animals, including a lamprey, fetal pig, shark, frog, earthworm, crayfish, and more.

Additional Free Science Resources

Science and Nature Study Curriculum – Free curriculum for all grades.

Science Unit Studies, Lesson Plans, and Experiments – Create or supplement a science curriculum with these free resources.

Homeschool Science with YouTube – Learn about science with these YouTube channels.

Science Websites for Homeschoolers – Learn more about science with these informative websites.


free virtual science labs and dissections


Note: This post was originally published on March 21, 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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