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Welcome to our list of free homeschool book guides! Below, you’ll find free homeschool book guides for every grade.

How to Use the Free Book Guides Curriculum List

The book guides on this page are listed in alphabetical order. There is a suggested grade range next to the title of each resource. These are only approximate, so you may want to also consider resources above or below your child’s actual grade.

All the Christian resources on this list are labeled with a “C.” Any resource not labeled as Christian is either secular or neutral and does not teach religious beliefs unless otherwise noted.

If you would like to use any of the resources listed below, click on the curriculum’s title to visit their website. Then, follow the instructions found there to begin using the resource.

For other subjects, visit our homepage and choose a subject from the free curriculum menu found there. There are options for all the standard subjects and many electives.

Free Book Guides

August House  (Pre-K to 3rd)

August House’s lesson plans include comprehension questions, worksheets, and activities.

C.S. Lewis Foundation  (5th to 12th)  C

This organization has created study guides for several of Mr. Lewis’s books. These guides include comprehension questions, vocabulary words, and more.

Focus on the Family  (K to 12th)  C

Focus on the Family provides discussion questions for hundreds of books for all ages. This resource is free, but you must sign up to access the index.

Freedom Homeschooling Reading Lists  (3rd to 12th)  Some C, varies by book

There is a free novel study, book guide, lesson plan, or other resources for each book included in our grade level reading lists.

Garden of Praise  (1st to 4th)  C

Garden of Praise’s book guides provide comprehension questions for several children’s books. Some of the guides also include word study or vocabulary exercises.

Glencoe Literature Library  (6th to 12th)

These downloadable study guides include vocabulary words, comprehension questions, active reading worksheets, writing assignments, and more.

The Gospel Coalition  (9th to 12th)  C

TGC’s Christian Guides to the Classics include audiobooks, background information, commentary, topics for discussion or reflection, and more.

Homeschool Share  (Pre-K to 8th)  Some C, varies by unit.

Homeschool Share offers downloadable literature-based unit studies.

I Can Read  (K to 3rd)

I Can Read’s teaching guides for their leveled readers include discussion questions and extension activities.

Learning Heroes  (2nd to 8th)

Learning Heroes’ book discussion guides include discussion questions, vocabulary words, and activity suggestions.

Marcie Colleen’s Guides  (Pre-K to 12th)

Ms. Colleen’s website offers book guides for a large number of board books and picture books, as well as a smaller assortment for early readers, chapter books, middle grades, and young adult books. The guides’ content varies by the book, but you’ll find things like comprehension questions, writing assignments, crafts, activities, and extensions to cover related math, science, and social studies.

Nancy Polette’s Literature Guides  (K to 8th)

Ms. Polette has created numerous literature guides for picture books and novels. The downloadable guides offer information about the book, discussion questions, activities, and more.

National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) Big Read  (8th to 12th)

NEA created these materials for book clubs and community programs, but the program also works well for home learning. Each book has discussion questions, reader resources, and a teacher’s guide. Click on “archive” at the bottom of NEA’s website for more book options. Some of the books may be more suited to adult readers.

New Classics Study Guides  (2nd to 12th)  C

These novel study guides include background information, discussion questions, vocabulary, activities, and more.

Novel Effect  (Pre-K to 6th)

This website provides lesson plans and printable worksheets for a large collection of books. These materials are mixed in with other resources like articles and book lists. To find the lesson plans, either use the search function or click “next” at the bottom of the screen to explore the archive.

NovelWise  (6th to 12th)

NovelWise provides section worksheets, discussion questions, activities, and more for an extensive collection of books.

Penguin Signet Classics  (6th through 12th)

These teacher’s guides include comprehension questions, essay questions, background information, and more. What’s included varies from guide to guide.

Plain and not so Plain  (3rd to 6th)  C

This website offers reading comprehension questions for several books or novels at each grade level.

The Prindle Institute  (K to 5th)

The Prindle Institute offers over 200 discussion guides designed to help introduce philosophy and ethics using popular children’s picture books.

Random House  (K to 12th)

Random House’s downloadable literature guides include lesson ideas, discussion questions, worksheets, and more. What’s included in the guides varies by book.

Reading to Kids  (K to 5th)

This website’s guides provide discussion questions, vocabulary words, and craft and activity ideas for a large collection of children’s books.

Reading is Fundamental  (Pre-K to 12th)

This website provides educational materials for an extensive collection of books. There are teacher guides, online puzzles, and printable worksheets. What is offered varies from book to book.

Roald Dahl Guides  (3rd to 7th)

This website provides lesson plans for over 20 books written by Roald Dahl. The lesson plans include activities, worksheets, and more.

Response Guides for Teaching Children’s Books  (1st to 6th)

This downloadable book includes discussion questions and activities for 27 classic children’s books. The guides are arranged in order of increasing difficulty and cover ten picture books, four “transitional” novels, and thirteen longer novels.

Rise to Reading  (K to 12th)

Rise to Reading provides comprehension questions for a large selection of books. Most of the books they cover are elementary or middle school level, but they do offer questions for a handful of high school level books.

Soft Schools  (1st to 6th)

This website has multiple-choice comprehension quizzes for numerous children’s books.

Storypath  (Pre-K to 12th)  C

Storypath has written numerous book reviews with the goal of “connecting children’s literature to our faith story.” Each of their reviews includes discussion questions for the book.

Teach a Child to Read with Children’s Books  (K to 2nd)

This downloadable guide shows parents how to combine story reading, phonics, and writing to help their children become skilled readers.

Wise Owl Factory  (K to 12th)

Wise Owl Factory offers worksheets and activities for numerous books. Most of the books are for elementary-aged students, but a handful are middle or high school level.

Free Ebooks  (Pre-K to 12th)  Some C, varies by book

This blog post lists numerous sources of free Ebooks, which can be used as part of your literature or reading curriculum.

Free Audiobooks  (Pre-K to 12th)  Some C, varies by book.

This blog post lists numerous sources of free audiobooks, which can supplement your literature curriculum.

More Reading Curriculum

Free Reading and Literature Curriculum  (Pre-K to 12th)

This page lists free general reading and literature curriculum for all ages.

Free Phonics Curriculum  (Pre-K to 12th)

On this page, you’ll find phonics curriculum for young students who are just beginning to read, as well as older ones who are struggling with reading.


More Language Arts Curriculum

If you are looking for additional resources to complete your language arts program, visit our language arts page. There are free curriculum options for grammar, composition, handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, and poetry.

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