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Free Art Curriculum

Below you will find free homeschool art curriculum. If you’re looking for other subjects, click here.

C = Christian based curriculum

Alphonso Dunn  (4th to 12th)

The tutorials on Alphonso Dunn’s YouTube channel focus on developing and refining drawing, pen and ink, and watercolor painting skills and techniques.

Angela Anderson  (5th to 12th)

Ms. Anderson’s YouTube channel provides step-by-step acrylic painting tutorials.

Art for Kids Hub  (K to 8th)

Art for Kids Hub offers video tutorials of various art projects. Drawing, painting, sculpting, origami, and cutout crafts are all included. Many projects also include downloadable templates. While a paid subscription is available for an ad-free experience, it is not required to do the lessons.

Artsy Craftsy Mom  (K to 12th)

Artsy Craftsy Mom provides a large selection of arts and crafts ideas organized by theme. The website also offers an Exploring Great Artists series. Each post in this section gives background information about an artist and several project ideas inspired by their work.

Art Projects for Kids  (K to 8th)

This website provides arts and crafts tutorials. Many of the tutorials include printable step-by-step instructions or printable templates.

The Art Sherpa  (4th to 12th)

The Art Sherpa’s YouTube channel offers acrylic painting lessons for beginners.

Arttango  (K to 5th)

Arttango offers free art lessons for grades kindergarten through 5th. There are 30 art education projects per grade for a total of 180 lessons. The lessons cover all the elements of art.

Circle Line School  (5th to 12th)

Mr. McPherson posts a new how-to-draw video each week. He specializes in perspective and architectural drawings but also draws optical illusions, landscapes, and more.

Dick Blick  (K to 12th)

This website offers an extensive collection of art lessons. Lessons on art history, drawing, fiber art, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and much more are available. The lesson plans are provided in pdf downloads. Some lessons also include a video.

Draw So Cute  (2nd to 12th)

This YouTube channel features step by step tutorials that teach viewers how to create cartoon style drawings with markers and colored pencils.

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool  (1st to 8th)  C

Courses are taught using a variety of online sources. Courses offered are Art: Ancient, Art: Early American, Art: Modern, and Art: Geography & Cultures. While these courses correspond with the history and music courses offered by Easy Peasy, they may also be taken on their own.

Easy Peasy All-in-One High School  (9th to 12th) C

Courses offered are Art Appreciation (one semester) and Professional Drawing (yearlong). These courses are taught using a variety of online sources.

edX  (10th to 12th)

EdX, a nonprofit created by Harvard and MIT, offers several courses related to art and creativity. The length and format vary from course to course, and availability changes periodically. The courses are free to audit, or certificates of completion are also available for a fee.

Farjana Drawing Academy  (3rd to 12th)

This YouTube channel provides step by step pencil drawing tutorials.

Free Online Art Classes  (6th to 12th)

These online art classes teach a wide variety of art techniques using text and video-based instruction. Drawing, oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolor, printmaking, collages, and much more are covered.

FutureLearn  (9th to 12th)

FutureLearn offers several online art classes. Length and format vary from course to course. Availability of courses periodically changes.  Most of the courses are free to join, but there is an option to upgrade to access additional benefits, like the ability to qualify for a certificate.

Garden of Praise  (1st to 6th)  C

This art appreciation course covers almost 50 famous artists. Each lesson includes a biography of the artist, a study sheet, a worksheet, an online quiz, several online activities, and links for further research.

Georgia Virtual Learning  (7th to 12th)

Two art courses are available: AP Art History and Visual Arts Comprehensive I. The lesson modules are made up of online text, videos, and interactive activities.  Links to additional related resources are provided with each module. Assessments are not included.

Jerry’s Artarama  (K to 12th)

Jerry’s Artarama offers video lessons teaching several forms of art medium, including; pencil, acrylics, charcoal, oil painting, pastels, watercolors, and more.

Khan Academy  (7th to 12th)

Art History and AP Art History are available. Both courses are taught using videos and online text.

Kinder Art  (K to 12th)

These art lessons cover many areas of art; including, painting, drawing, sculpture, art history, multicultural art, and more. Detailed lesson plans are provided, and many lessons also feature video tutorials.

Let’s Make Art  (1st to 12th)

This YouTube channel mainly teaches watercolor painting, but there are also some acrylic painting tutorials. There is a playlist specifically for younger kids. The tutorials in the other playlists require more skill and are geared more towards older students.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art  (K to 12th)

The Met has over 550 art books available for free download. This resource is more for adults and older teens, but parents/teachers may use the books as a source of art and information to be used in teaching younger children.

Saylor Academy  (10th to 12th)

Saylor Academy is a nonprofit initiative offering courses at the college and professional levels. However, high school students may also take their classes. Saylor currently offers an art appreciation course.

Teach Art at Home  (1st to 12th)

This website has printable lessons that teach how to create art projects with watercolor, colored pencils, printmaking, pastel, charcoal, and graphite.

Under the Home  (K to 5th)

Under the home offers art history and studio art courses. The courses are based on public domain books. Some courses include printable resources such as lesson guides or coloring books.

Whimsy Workshop Teaching  (K to 6th)

This website provides simple directed drawing videos for beginners.

YAPA Kids  (1st to 8th)

YAPA Kids provides free online courses taught by live teachers. The courses available may change, and some have a waitlist.


Free Music Curriculum

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Free Homeschool Art Curriculum
Free Homeschool Art Curriculum