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You might be a homeschooler if…

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For fun, I recently asked our Facebook followers to complete the following sentence:

You might be a homeschooler if…

Here are some of the many responses I received:

…Dad has the hots for the teacher, and that’s ok.  -Todd

…”cooking” is a legitimate subject your 6-year-old is learning, and he gets extra credit for helping with dishes.  -Chelsea

…you reach into your purse for spare change and find a wheat penny, porcupine quill, owl pellet (for dissecting later), and a vintage copy of Homer’s Odyssey that you just found at a thrift store.  -DM

…you feel sorry for the people who have to get dressed every day!  -Te

..your child reads a sentence aloud, in a second language, and you realize: “Oh my! How did he learn that? I didn’t even teach him to read in his home language!”  -Marelize

…you get more excited for classes your kids are signed up for than them. (Mine are always stoked after the class, though, and I get to say I told you so!)  -Eeka

…everything, every action, every moment, meal, playdate, game, TV show, outing, is an opportunity for learning!  -Andrea

…you wish you were home more because you’re very rarely actually home.  -Amber

…you know what schoolwork is expected of you and take self-initiative to complete it first thing each day in order to pursue personalized learning such as cooking, sewing, crafting, sporting, gaming, PLAYING, etc.  -Nicole

…the librarian sees you walk in and goes straight to the shelf of books on hold.  -Ginger

…you can’t pass up the chance to look in the book isle, no matter what store you’re in.  -April

…you look forward to the start of the school year so you can have the parks to yourself during the day.  -Kara

…your college professors comment on how much more prepared for college you are than most of your peers.  -Tina

…you find yourself talking to yourself and tell your kids, “Be quiet, I’m in a parent-teacher conference.”  -Bethany

…your kid asks to double up on school today, so they can skip tomorrow.  -Emmy

Dad has hots for teacher

…you go to the public library in the middle of the day on a weekday, and the librarian asks why they’re not “in school”!  -Megan

…you roll dice to see which subject we’ll work on next: chemistry, math, geography, arts, music, history, physics, civics, writing, research, astronomy, or field trip. There’s a lot of hoping for anything but math.  -Cheryl

…you rush your kid to an “after school” class and realize (again) he still has bed hair.  -Amy

…a fun family outing is hitting up the library’s annual used book sale.  -Elizabeth

…your back to school wardrobe is nothing but new pajamas.  -Lynn

…when you FINALLY understand that math problem, 30 years later, and can explain it perfectly to your child because it’s just “clicked”.  -Kim

…you can think outside the box and acknowledge alternate pathways to education… AND Embrace your own belief system…  -Dawn

…you’re 43 and about to start learning about Minecraft.  -Ki

…you take a relaxing bath and still work on spelling words from behind a closed door!  -Dora

…every delivery person who comes in the middle of the day asks if school got out early today.  -Kandia

…you start your days slowly, get you and God time, do a quick HIIT routine then wake the kiddos around 9 to do breakfast and lessons and get out of the house by noon to continue learning in the fresh air.  -Carrie

…you know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.  – Stacey

…your dining room table looks like a worksheet tornado.  -Jen

…you’re told you must not have been socialized enough. Or that you’ll be in for a shock and a rude awakening when you get into the “real world.”  -Tina

…90% of your and your child’s laundry is pajamas.  -Dyana

after school activity

…you have no idea what’s going on, but your kid is turning out awesome anyway.  -Rachael

…your kids don’t know what grade they are in.  -Brandy

…school starts at 10:00 am over brunch, coffee, setting goals for the day, or reviewing spelling words.  -Cheryl

…someone has ever said to you, “Y’all got the flu? But you homeschool!”  -Jodi

…the kiddos are still awake at 11 pm and wake up around 9 am.  -Nicole

…your kids don’t raise their hand to go to the bathroom.  -Bethany

…every time you leave the house it’s a field trip.  -Ava

…your boys do their schoolwork in their underwear.  -Michelle

is school out today

…none of your children stay in lines right at fairs and such. They always step out of line and play or never move up the line when it moves. I’m surprised we ever get to ride.  -Heather

…you only leave the house between the hours of 10 am & 2 pm.  -Jen

…when you find free reading material and it’s like hitting the lottery. Jackpot!  -Stacey

…you often get asked whether you have milk provided at break, or a uniform, or whether you get to watch TV all day, or whether you are a genius, or whether you have any friends, or whether you shouldn’t actually be in school this morning/afternoon.  -Nathan

…you have a creature jar in which you capture a creature to observe.  -Evan

…when you relearn a lot of things you may have forgotten, you realize how unnecessary certain things are.  -Christy

…you look for your mom when strangers ask you what grade you’re in!  -Robin

…you have eaten dinner with schoolbooks still on the table.  -Stacey

You might be a homeschool parent if you can identify with some of these responses!

you might be a homeschooler if

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