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Homeschooling gives my family the freedom to…

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One of my favorite things about homeschooling is the freedom that it gives our family. So, in honor Independence Day, I asked our Facebook followers to complete the following sentence: 

Homeschooling gives my family the freedom to… 

Here are the responses! 

…visit family out of state anytime we want!  -Andrea

…explore the topics we wish to at our own pace.  -Kristen

…be a kid for longer! Enjoy learning what we want to learn, and do it at a pace we are comfortable with.  -Bethany

…spend more time with family, learn from each other, and grow together.  -Christina

…choose their own path and learn in a way that is tailored to them.  -Gwen

…find what they love to do and follow it!  -Marsha

…be ourselves and allow our kids to be themselves with no peer pressure to be or do something they are not.  -Sean

…travel and see family and explore our world. It also gives me the opportunity to watch them grow and enjoy them while they are growing up.  -Denise

…watch my child blossom in the comfort of her own home and go at a pace that’s most accommodating to her special needs!  -Miranda

…not be stressed.  -Michai

…enjoy learning at our own speed, travel off season (way less money and more trips that way), and have more love for learning.  -Danielle

…exercise FREEDOM to its fullest in every aspect of child rearing from education to spirituality.  -Theresa

…do way more unit studies and hands-on projects, and to bond as a family while doing it!  -Susan

…learn at my child’s own pace, interest-led learning, learn all needed to learn at home, comfortably and relaxed.  -Stephanie

…allow our child to shine and achieve their fullest potential.  -Katie

…have God in our daily lesson plans, and we make our own schedule. I also like the fact that we get to pick curriculum.  -Kristy

…be individuals, instead of the same cookie cutter mold as everyone else.  -Dee Dee

…spend time with a shift working daddy who our kids would miss seeing a lot of if they were in public school.  -Natalie

…breathe.  -Sharon

There's freedom in homeschooling

…explore and get to know my children on another level. I learn what areas they struggle in and where they excel. My favorite part of it all is creating memories that will last forever!!  -Laydiij

…make our own schedule pursuing our family values.  -Sharon

…learn and grow in a safe and healthy environment.  -Julie

…explore and learn the best way for each individual child and as a family and grow together all while learning new things and exploring opportunities and destinations.  -Misty

…travel to visit family when we want!  -Nicole

…do school whenever we want. My husband is a paramedic and therefore works very long hours, homeschooling allows our kids to spend time with dad when he’s home, which is usually during the week during “normal” school hours.  -Tabatha

…to grow. Being together while learning offers numerous opportunities to grow in ways not available otherwise.  -Lisa

…to learn at our own pace while experiencing the world around us!  -Laranda

…enjoy learning while having the flexibility to study what engages each child, travel to see family in Namibia every December and generally have a blast together while exploring!  -Carrie

…explore our own interests.  -Amanda

…choose our own materials, go at our own pace, learn in our individual learning style, and keep our family unit together more.  -Sarah

…not vaccinate.  -Kristen

…go where we want when we want, especially since my husband’s work schedule does not allow for vacation when many people tend to go on vacation.  -Sherri

…explore, experience, and express ourselves.  -Mariana

…match their dad’s work schedule so we can maximize our time with him.  -Jennifer

…let my child be his true self.  -Kam

…pursue personal interests of study and travel.  -Annette

…take music lessons at 11 am, instead of in the afternoon when we’re tired.  -Sarah

Homeschooling gives my family the freedom to...
This Independence Day I’m thankful to live in a country where my family has the freedom to homeschool. Unfortunately, in many countries around the world, this isn’t the case. We shouldn’t take this freedom for granted. It wasn’t that long ago that homeschooling was illegal in most of America.  During the 1980s many states passed laws to legalize homeschooling, but it wasn’t until 1993 that homeschooling was legal in all 50 states. Parents in the 1980’s fought hard for the education freedom we enjoy today. Now, It is up to us to preserve our freedom for future generations.

Note: This post was originally published on July 2, 2019.


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