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Below you will find free homeschool poetry curriculum. If you’re looking for other subjects, click here.

C = Christian based curriculum


Please note: Many of the poetry resources on this page are marked as Some C. While some poems in these resources mention God or Christian beliefs, they also contain many poems that do not.

A Child’s Garden of Verses  (Pre-K to 4th)  Some C

This book of poetry, written by Robert Louis Stevenson, may be read by or read aloud to young children.

The Complete Poetical Works of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  (6th to 12th)  Some C

This eBook is a collection of poetry written by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

The Crafty Classroom  (2nd to 4th)

With the Writing Poetry: A Step-by-Step Guide eBook, children explore nine different poetic forms, first learning the rules then following the steps to write their own poetry.

Ezra Tillman  (K to 12th)  Some C

On his YouTube channel, Mr. Tillman shares songs to help students memorize poems. These musical videos also include beautiful illustrations. The videos may be used to share poetry with students, even if memorization is not required.

Family Friend Poems  (1st to 12th)  Some C

Family Friend Poems provides lessons that teach how to write 15 common forms of poetry. The lessons include examples and printable templates. The website also offers an extensive collection of poetry to read. Be sure to preview poems before allowing your children to read them as some deal with mature subject matter and may not be appropriate for children.

Graded Memory Selections  (1st to 8th)  Some C

This classic textbook provides a collection of poems to memorize for each grade.

Humility and Doxology  (K to 12th)  C

This website provides weekly memory work for all 52 weeks of the year. Most of the memory work is poetry, but historical documents, famous speeches, and scripture are also included. Each week’s memory work consists of a printable of the passage and a video recitation.

Kid Zone  (K to 6th)

Kid Zone provides poetry writing activities, as well as numerous poems for students to read. The poems may be read aloud to younger children.

K12 Reader (K to 12th)

The literature section of K12 Reader’s website offers many printable poetry worksheets covering various aspects of reading and writing poetry. These worksheets are mixed in with other non-poetry literature worksheets, so you will have to do a little searching to find all of them.

Mercy for Marthas  (2nd to 4th)  C

Mercy for Marthas offers Poetry for Memorization and Copywork at two different levels. The first printable workbook is for 2nd or 3rd grade, and the second is for 3rd or 4th grade.

NWT Literacy Council  (6th to 12th)

This organization offers three downloadable poetry textbooks. There are pre-reading activities, discussion questions, a writing assignment, and printable worksheets for each poem in the books. The books were designed for adults enrolled in literacy and basic education programs, but younger homeschool students may use them.

Poems by Emily Dickinson  (6th to 12th)  Some C

This eBook is a collection of poetry written by Emily Dickinson.

Poems by Ralph Waldo Emerson  (6th to 12th)  Some C

This eBook is a collection of poetry written by Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Poems by Walt Whitman  (6th to 12th)  Some C

This eBook is a collection of poetry written by Walt Whitman.

Poems Every Child Should Know  (K to 6th)  Some C

This eBook contains a selection of classic poetry for children to read. The poems may be read aloud to younger children.

Poetry Minute  (K to 6th)

Poetry Minute provides a poem for every day of the school year. Each poem takes about a minute to read, and a variety of poetry styles are included. Each day’s poem includes biographical information about the author. You may search their website to read previous poems or sign up for their free newsletter to have a poem delivered to your inbox daily.

Poetry 4 Kids  (K to 8th)

This website offers poetry lessons and activities, poems to read, a rhyming dictionary, podcasts, videos, and more.  (K to 12th) offers lesson plans, units, and activities that teach various poetry concepts. The website also provides a large collection of poetry to read.

Rainy Day Poems  (K to 12th)  Some C

This website has an extensive collection of poems organized by topic for students to read.

Read Write Think  (K to 12th)

This website provides a substantial collection of lesson plans that cover reading, writing, and interpreting poetry. The lesson plans also cover the elements and styles of poetry, and more. Detailed instructions and student handouts are included.

Required Poems for Reading and Memorizing (3rd to 6th)  Some C

This classic textbook provides a collection of poems for students to read or memorize. While it was written for 3rd and 4th graders, the book may be suitable for some older students too.

Share My Lesson  (K to 12th)

Share My Lesson offers a library of poetry lesson plans, curriculum, handouts, and other teaching resources.

Shel Silverstein  (1st to 4th)

Mr. Silverstein’s website provides lesson plans, printables, and event kits to accompany his poetry books. While these materials are free, you will need to purchase or borrow the necessary books.

Teachnology  (2nd to 6th)

These step-by-step worksheets teach students how to write 17 different types of poems.

Under the Home  (K to 6th)

Under the Home’s poetry courses include a lesson guide, printable worksheets, and enrichment activities. Some also include other components like review questions, vocabulary words, and audio lessons.

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities  (K to 6th)

This website offers a collection of printable poems for children to read. Many of the poems have seasonal or holiday themes.


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Free Homeschool Poetry Curriculum
Free Poetry Curriculum