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How the Kids Can Help With Planning Your Spring Garden

by | Mar 6, 2021 | gardening, general homeschooling | 0 comments

Having the kids help you plan and take care of your garden can be beneficial for everyone. Kids can learn a lot from gardening, and it will give you quality time together.

If you have a child that is not really into gardening or is just getting started with working in the garden, having them help plan the garden is a great way to get them interested and excited. From choosing what plants to grow to creating fun crafts for the garden, below are some fun ways the kids can help plan your spring garden.

They can help you choose what to plant in the garden.

This is a fun opportunity to get them involved right from the get-go. Have the kids help decide what plants they would like to grow in the garden this spring. They may want to add some of their favorite fruits and vegetables. Or, they may enjoy growing something they have never tried before. This could be an excellent opportunity to get them interested in trying new foods. This article from the Old Farmer’s Almanac can help your family decide what to grow.

They can help you plan out the garden.

After everyone has chosen what to grow in the garden, the kids can help you plan the garden’s layout. To get them started, have them draw a layout on a piece of paper to show where each of the plants will go. They may find this garden planning worksheet helpful. If you are working with a patio garden or growing plants in containers, it can still be fun to let the kids decide where the plants will set or in what order they will be set up.

They can make crafts for the garden.

Having the kids create crafts and DIY projects for the garden can help get them excited about gardening. Here are several ideas:

They can plant the seeds.

For many kids, playing in the dirt is fun. If they enjoy playing outside and getting dirty, let them help you dig the holes and plant the seeds or plants. If you are planting seeds, have the children read the back of the package, so they know the correct way to plant them. They will be reading, measuring, and problem solving as they plant the seeds. Once the seeds are planted, don’t forget to have them place the garden markers next to them, so they’ll remember what each plant is.

They can help take care of the plants and watch them grow.

Watching the garden grow from tiny little sprouts or seeds to large fruitful plants can be exciting and fun. The plants will need to be watered and weeded, so to keep the kids involved as the plants grow, they can help with both.

Gardening can be a fun experience for the kids, and it can teach them many different things. Throughout the process, they will be learning how to be more responsible and the value of hard work. They will also be learning subjects like math, science, reading, and problem solving. Gardening is a skill that they will be able to continue to use throughout their lives.

How the Kids Can Help With Planning Your Spring Garden