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Free Planners and Calendars

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As I begin to prepare for the next school year, getting a new planner is the first thing on my to-do list. But instead of buying one, I’ll download mine for free! There are so many free planners and calendars available for free online. I actually prefer to use these free planners instead of purchased ones. The most obvious reason is the cost savings, but that’s not the only benefit.

What I like most about these free printable planners and calendars is that I can mix and match pages from various sources to create the perfect custom-made planner. I’ve never found a store-bought planner that I was completely happy with. Now, I can use the calendar pages from one printable, the weekly planning pages from another, and the checklist from a third source. I end up with a planner that meets our needs better than anything I could buy.

These free printables also make it easy to try a new method of planning. You can print a few pages for a trial run, rather than buying an entire planner in the store. If you decide the new planning method isn’t a good fit, all you’ve lost is a few pages of paper and a little ink.

Here are some of the free planners and calendars I’ve found:

Free Planners

7 Step Homeschool Planner – Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool provides over 500 downloadable pages you can mix and match to create a custom planner. It includes a lesson planner, attendance records, calendars, goal sheets, and much more.

Personal Planner Printables – The Scattered Squirrel offers a large selection of daily, weekly, and monthly planner pages.

Middle & High School Planner – These downloads from Homeschool Creations include a daily schedule page, plus pages for long term planning, tracking credits, and more.

Homeschool Planning Pages – My Joy Filled Life’s planning pages include calendars, assignment sheets, attendance tracker, reading log, grade record, and much more.

Free Weekly Planner – This Bit of Life offers these simple weekly planning sheets in two different color schemes.

Homeschool Planning Worksheets – This planner, created by Table Life Blog, includes pages for daily, monthly, and weekly use.

Weekly Assignments Check List – Starts at Eight’s checklist-style planner is excellent for assigning lessons and other tasks.

Homeschool Student Planner – Inspire the Mom’s planner includes a “year at a glance” page, daily and weekly planning pages, a field trip tracker, a reading log, and more.

Homeschool Planner – Living Life & Learning’s planner has a calendar, weekly and daily planning pages, unit study and field trip planning pages, and an attendance log.

Long-Range Homeschool  Planner – This planner, created by Jen Merckling, includes pages for planning curriculum choices, listing needed materials, scheduling field trips, setting long-range goals, and more.

Time Blocking Worksheets – Hey Donna provides several time blocking templates, plus a detailed explanation of how to use time blocking to plan your day and increase your productivity.

Homeschool Assignment & Chore Sheets – These printable sheets, from Happy Brown House, are great for helping kids become more independent with their daily responsibilities.

Family Calendar & Lesson Planner – This printable, from The Homeschool Resource Room,  includes calendar pages and lesson planning pages.

Digital Planning – If printable planners aren’t your thing, this post at Faith & Good Works explains how to plan digitally on an iPad. A downloadable daily plan of action is available.

The Reverse Homeschool Planner – Rather than planning lessons in advance, these pages created by This Simple Balance, are used to record what you actually do each day in your homeschool.

Free Calendar Templates

If you need a simple calendar, without all the planner pages and other resources, try the templates on these websites. They each offer multiple formats and styles.

Calendar Labs 

free printable planners & calendars


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