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Free History Timelines

by | Feb 3, 2020 | curriculum, general homeschooling, social studies | 1 comment

Why Use a History Timeline?

Whether you use traditional textbooks, living books, or online curriculum, a history timeline can significantly increase your children’s understanding of history. A history timeline will help your children see the chronological flow of history, make connections between events and people, observe patterns in history, and discover cause and effect relationships in historical events.

Adding historical figures and events to a history timeline, as your children study them, is also a fun way to keep a record of what they’ve learned over the years. The timeline can also help your children remember key events and people in history.

Fortunately, there are many free online resources you can use to create a history timeline. Below are some of my favorites.

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Free Printable History Timelines

Print one of these free timelines, hole punch, and place in a binder to create your own history timeline book.

Online History Timelines

These online history timelines can help your children learn more about historical events and find information to add to any of the above printable timelines.

Additional Free History Resources

History and Social Studies Curriculum – Free curriculum for history, social studies, geography, and government.

History Unit Studies and Lesson Plans – Numerous sources of free history unit studies and lesson plans.

Homeschool History with YouTube – Learn about history with these YouTube channels.

History Websites for Homeschoolers – Explore history with these informative websites.

Free History Timelines

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