Looking for ideas to celebrate the Advent season with your children? Try one of these simple free Advent activities!

Daily Bible Verse

The cute little Bible verse cards found in this free printable are perfect for adding to your Advent calendar, either alone, or with a piece of candy. Each verse tells a small part of the Christmas story. The cards were written using the International Children’s Bible and the Easy Readers Version of the Bible.

Advent Copywork

This free copywork book provides 24 days of daily Bible verse copywork. The book makes it easy to combine daily Advent reflection with cursive handwriting practice. The book uses Italic Cursive and the New International Version of the Bible.

Names of Jesus Ornaments

The 25 ornaments in this free printable each coincide with one of the names of Jesus, such as Alpha & Omega, Mighty Counselor, and Prince of Peace. Two versions of the ornaments are included. They can either be printed in color or with a black and white outline so that your children can color them. Also, the ornaments go well with this free Names of Jesus unit study.

25 Days of Service

This free printable puts the focus on serving others during the Advent season. The printable includes Advent calendar inserts. Each little slips contains a service project to complete and is the perfect size for the little pockets of an Advent calendar. The printable also includes Service Project Bingo. As your family completes a service project, mark it off on the Bingo card. Work together to get a Bingo!

Paper Chain Craft

This paper chain craft is a fun alternative to a traditional advent calendar. Each chain is made up of 25 rings. The children will remove one ring each day, from December 1st through Christmas morning. The top ring, with a snowman or reindeer face, can be saved to reuse next Christmas. The free tutorial has easy step-by-step instructions.

Daily Christmas Fun Activities

The 30 cards in this free printable each suggest a fun Christmas activity. Activates include things like PJ day, bake Christmas cookies, or watch a Christmas movie. The cards can be added to an Advent calendar or drawn daily from a jar or envelope.

I hope you’ve found some ideas for the Advent season. Does your family have any Advent traditions? Tell us below in the comments.

FREE Advent Activities


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FREE Advent Activities

Free Advent Activities

Looking for ideas to celebrate the Advent season with your children? Try one of these simple free Advent activities!Daily Bible VerseThe cute little Bible verse cards found in this free printable...