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Cute & Easy Spider Cookies

by | Sep 25, 2020 | cooking, fun recipes | 0 comments

These spider cookies are super cute and very easy to make! They are perfect if you need a last-minute treat for a Halloween party or fall festival. They are simple enough that even your toddler can join in on the fun, but children of all ages will enjoy making them.


Gather the Supplies

To make these cookies, you will need:

  • Oreo™ cookies – Any brand of sandwich cookies will work, but I prefer Double Stuf Oreos™.
  • M&M™ candies
  • Pretzel sticks
  • Icing – You can either buy a tube of icing or decorating gel or make your own icing and put it in a piping bag with a small decorating tip.


spider cookie supplies


How to Make the Spider Cookies

First break or cut the pretzel sticks in half. Then insert eight pretzel halves (four on each side) into each cookie.


spider cookie with 8 legs

Now that your spiders all have legs, you’ll add the eyes. Place two dabs of icing on a cookie where you want the eyes. Now put an M&M™ on each icing dab. When the icing dries, it will hold the M&M™ eyes in place.


finished spider cookie


Repeat the process until you have made the desired number of spiders or have used all of your cookies. That’s it! It’s just that easy!


finished spider cookies


Make them your own!

There are many variations you can make to these cookies to make them original:

  • Use whole pretzel sticks for longer spider legs.
  • Use Mini M&Ms™ for smaller eyes.
  • Use a larger dab of white icing with a chocolate chip in the middle for eyes.
  • Use black licorice for the spiders’ legs.
  • Use candy corn for fangs.
  • Use candy eyes like these, held in place with icing.

The possibilities are endless!


Cute and Easy Spider Cookies


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