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Christmas in Russia Unit Study

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In this free unit, your child will learn how Christmas is celebrated in Russia. In addition, they’ll learn about the geography of Russia, as well as a little related history and language arts. Unlike other “free” unit studies, you won’t have to buy or search for a bunch of required books. Everything you need, except the ingredients for a recipe, is available for free online.

This unit study is designed to last five days and can be used with a wide range of ages, making it a fun activity for the entire family to do together. With younger children, read the assignments aloud to them, and skip the written work if they aren’t ready for it. Older students can read their assignments independently. If you have teenagers, you may want to have them research Russia and its Christmas traditions further, either at the library or online. Then they could present what they’ve learned to the rest of the family.

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Day 1: Introduction to Russia and its Geography

Read National Geographic Kids: Russia and click through the picture slideshow.

Watch How Diverse is Russia? – Russia’s Republics Explained.

Watch 25 Really Cool Facts About Russia.

Have your children find Russia on a map or globe. Have your older children complete this Russia map worksheet.

Day 2:  Christmas in Russia Part 1

Listen to this Russian Christmas Traditions You Should Know podcast. It was created for people with Russian ancestors to learn more about their traditions.

Watch the Russian Orthodox Christmas Service at ‘Christ the Savior Cathedral’ in Moscow. There aren’t English subtitles, but it’s a short video, and your family will likely still enjoy watching some of the service.

Have your children complete this Christmas in Russia worksheet from


Day 3: Christmas in Russia Part 2

Watch Moscow at Christmas Time.

Read Santa vs. Grandfather Frost.

Watch Grandpa Frost, a cartoon from the Classic Fairy Tales From Around the World series.

Have your children color this picture of Snegurochka (Grandfather Frost’s Granddaughter, also called the Snow Maiden) or this picture of Saint Basil’s Cathedral.

Day 4: Christmas in Russia Part 3

Read Russian Christmas Eve Supper (Holy Supper).

Watch Orthodox Traditional Family Dinner on Christmas Eve.

Ask your children what dishes they would include in a twelve-course Christmas Eve meal. Why would they choose these dishes, and what would they symbolize? This could be a writing prompt or just a fun family discussion. Your children could use this printable menu to plan their meal.


Day 5: Christmas in Russia Recipes

Prepare pryaniki (spice cookies), olivier salad, or one of the recipes from the article on Day 4.

Listen to The Nutcracker Suite Full Album: Tchaikovsky as your family cooks.


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Free Christmas in Russia Unit Study

Note: This post was originally published on November 1, 2020 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.