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Christmas in Mexico Unit Study

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In this free unit, your child will learn how Christmas is celebrated in Mexico. In addition, they’ll learn about the geography of Mexico, as well as a little related history and language arts. Unlike other “free” unit studies, you won’t have to buy or search for a bunch of required books. Everything you need, except the ingredients for a recipe, is available for free online.

This unit study is designed to last five days and can be used with a wide range of ages, making it a fun activity for the entire family to do together. With younger children, read the assignments aloud to them, and skip the written work if they aren’t ready for it. Older students can read their assignments independently. If you have teenagers, you may want to have them research Mexico and its Christmas traditions further, either at the library or online. Then they could present what they’ve learned to the rest of the family.


Day 1: Introduction to Mexico and its Geography

Watch Geography Now! Mexico.

Read facts about Mexico at Ducksters.

Have your children find Mexico on a map or globe. Have your older children label Mexico and the countries that border it (United States of America, Belize, and Guatemala) on this map. Here’s an answer key.


Day 2:  Christmas in Mexico Part 1

Read about Christmas in Mexico at

Watch Christmas in Mexico: What’s it like?

Have your children illustrate and write about what they have learned. They can use regular paper, or you may like to use this downloadable writing paper or these downloadable notebooking pages.

Day 3: Christmas in Mexico Part 2

Watch Santa’s Story Time: Christmas in Mexico.

Watch The Night of Las Posadas.

Watch Celebrating Las Posadas!


Day 4: Christmas in Mexico Part 3

Watch The Legend of the Poinsettia.

Have your children color a poinsettia coloring page while they watch Holiday: Mexico Storyteller (Epcot).


Day 5: Christmas in Mexico Recipes

Prepare Rosca de Reyes (Three Kings Bread) or bunuelos. If you choose to make bunuelos, an adult should do the frying.


More Christmas Around the World Unit Studies

If you enjoyed this unit study, don’t miss our other Christmas Around the World units. We have several countries to choose from!

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