Christ Centered Easter Traditions

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Do you want to go beyond the bunny and start some Christ centered Easter traditions with your family? These simple and fun activities keep Christ at the center of the holiday. These activities will be enjoyable for the whole family but will be especially helpful in teaching younger children about Easter in an engaging way.

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Resurrection Rolls

These rolls are made with a marshmallow inside, which melts as they bake, creating a hollow center. On Easter morning, when you break them open, they are empty inside, representing the empty tomb of Jesus.

Resurrection Rolls

Click the image to visit A Pinch of Joy for the recipe.


Resurrection Cookies

These resurrection cookies should be prepared Saturday night before Easter. The process of making the meringue cookies is a fun way to share the Easter story. Each step and ingredient of the recipe represents a part of the story. The finished cookie, which is hollow, represents the empty tomb.

Resurrection Cookies

Click the image to visit Your Homebased Mom for the recipe.


Empty Tomb Easter Garden

This Easter garden serves as a model of the empty tomb. You can probably find most of the things required to make this beautiful garden around your home.

Easter Garden

Click the image to visit the Frugal Homemaker for a tutorial.


Mini Easter Garden

These are smaller, more portable Easter gardens, which allows each child to make their own. The gardens are each topped with a cross, a rock, and then an egg. Each represents a different part of the Easter story.

Mini Easter Gardens

Click the image to visit Proverbial Homemaker for instructions.


Resurrection Eggs

Each plastic egg is filled with an item that represents part of the Easter story. Open an egg each day leading up to Easter. Talk about the item inside the egg and its connection to the Easter story, and read the corresponding Bible passage.

Resurrection Eggs

Click the image to visit Faith Gateway for details.


Easter Tree

This idea is very similar to the resurrection eggs above. Instead of 12, there are 21 eggs each filled with different items representing parts of the Easter story. The eggs are hung from a tree and opened throughout Holy Week.

Easter Tree

Click the image to visit Our Family Blog for instructions.


Egg a Friend’s Yard

Surprise a friend or neighbor by hiding 12 treat-filled Easter eggs in their yard. The 12th egg is left empty to represent the empty tomb. The post includes a free printable sign to hang on your friend’s door.

You've Been Egged!

Click the image to visit Happy Home Fairy for the printable.


Easter Story Stones

These painted stones each represent part of the Easter story. The instructions include suggested scripture that corresponds with each one. You could use the completed stones as story props, in a scavenger hunt, inside resurrection eggs, or as a gift for a loved one.

Easter story stones

Click the image to visit My Joy-Filled Life for instructions.


Sparkle Eggs

This craft corresponds with the book “The Sparkle Egg.”  The book and egg decorating activity will help your children understand how Jesus’ death and resurrection took away our sin.

The Sparkle Egg

Click the image to visit Table Life Blog for the details.


Nighttime Easter Egg Hunt

Before hiding the eggs, fill each plastic egg with one of these little lights. Tell your children that the glowing eggs represent Jesus as our guiding light.

Jesus is our guiding light!

Click the image to visit Catholic Inspired for details.


Random Acts of Kindness

Share the love of Christ with some random act of kindness. This short list of ideas will help you get started.

Easter random acts of kindness

Click the image to visit Happy Home Fairy for the list.


Easter Lily

Decorate your home with an Easter lily, and then plant it outside after Easter. This article explains the Christian symbolism surrounding the lily, the history behind Easter lilies, and how to care for your lily.

Easter Lily

Click the image to visit Southern Living for more information.


Bible Reading Plan

Creative Home Keepers offers a simple Holy Week scripture reading plan. The plan will take your family through the events of Holy Week including Palm Sunday, Jesus’s death, and His resurrection. There is also a free printable for the plan.

Holy Week Scripture Reading Plan

Click the image to visit Creative Home Keeper for the printable.


Children’s Story Books

Gather the family around for an Easter picture book. Here are some to consider:

  • God’s Great Plan – This book portrays two children as their grandfather teaches them the story of the creation, fall, and resurrection. This one is my family’s favorite!
  • God Gave Us Easter – This story features an adorable polar bear cub learning about the meaning of Easter from her father.
  • The Garden, the Curtain, and the Cross – This storybook takes children on a journey from the Garden of Eden to Jesus’s victory on the cross.
  • The Donkey Who Carried a King – This unique book tells the story of Jesus’s death and resurrection from the point of view of the donkey He rode to Jerusalem.

Christ Centered Easter Traditions

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