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Free Kindergarten and First Grade Readers

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Are you looking for quality beginning readers for kindergarten and first grade? These vintage school readers, published in the late 1800s and early 1900s, are now in the public domain and free online. You’ll find well-known classics like McGuffey, Elson, and Treadwell, as well as many other lesser-known series. You may download the books for your child to read on a computer or tablet or print the books.

Why Choose Vintage Readers

Vintage readers offer beautiful classic literature, rich vocabulary, and charming illustrations. The stories are age-appropriate and typically encourage strong moral values. There’s also something special about reading a book that’s been used in schoolhouses and homes for over a hundred years. Perhaps your child’s grandparents or great-grandparents learned to read with some of these same readers.

Free Kindergarten and First Grade Readers

The grade levels some of these vintage readers were intended for may not line up exactly with current grade-level expectations or your child’s reading level. So, in addition to the readers listed below, I’d recommend taking a look at other grade levels too. You can find vintage graded readers for every grade here.

Free Primer Level Readers

Primer level readers are intended for young children who are learning to read. A hundred years ago, these books would have been used in first grade, as kindergarten wasn’t typically offered at that time. Now, these readers are often used by kindergarteners.

Aldine Readers: Primer

The Beacon Primer

The Brooks Primer

The Child’s World: Primer

The Elson Readers: Primer

The New Franklin Primer and First Reader

The Holton Primer

Independent Primary Reader

The Kendall Series of Readers: Primer

McGuffey’s Eclectic Primer

Sanders’ Union Pictorial Primer

The Summers Readers: Primer

Treadwell’s Reading-Literature Series: The Primer

Wheeler’s Graded Readers: A Primer

Free First Grade Readers

After your kindergartner or first grader has begun reading and has mastered the primer level, they can start these first grade readers.

The Aldine Readers: A First Reader

Aldine Supplementary Readers: The Busy Brownies at Play

Appletons’ School Readers: The First Reader

Baldwin’s School Reading by Grades: First Year

The Carroll and Brooks Readers: A First Reader

The Child’s World: First Reader

The Elson Readers: Book One

Graded Literature Readers: First Book

Holton-Curry Series: The First Reader

Independent Frist Reader

The Kendall Series of Readers: First Reader

McGuffey’s New First Eclectic Reader for Little Children

McGuffey’s New First Eclectic Reader for Young Learners

McGuffey’s First Eclectic Reader

The Metcalf-Call Readers: A First Reader

Monroe’s New First Reader

New Century Readers for Childhood Days: First Year

Sanders’ School Reader: First Book

Sanders’ Union Reader: Number One

The Summers Readers: First Reader

Treadwell’s Reading-Literature Series: First Reader

Wheeler’s Graded Readers: A First Reader

Free Vintage readers for 1st Grade and Kindergarten

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